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Tara Prescott-Johnson

UCLA Faculty in Writing Programs

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Tara Prescott-Johnson is a Lecturer in Writing Programs and Faculty in Residence at UCLA. She has a Ph.D. in English, specializing in twentieth-century American literature, from Claremont Graduate University, and a M.A. from The Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University. She is the author of Poetic Salvage: Reading Mina Loy (Bucknell University Press), editor of Neil Gaiman in the 21st Century (McFarland Press) and co-editor of Gender and the Superhero Narrative (University Press of Mississippi) and Feminism in the Worlds of Neil Gaiman (McFarland Press). She performed "Hike Your Own Hike" for TEDxUCLA.


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Neil Gaiman in the 21st Century


“Will interest both fans and scholars of Gaiman’s work because of the variety of texts it includes. Perhaps the biggest strength of Prescott’s collection is her emphasis on the wide range of media used by Gaiman in his creative endeavors…the very format of Prescott’s collection creates an image of Neil Gaiman that is likely to endure”


- Jennifer L. Miller, Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts


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